10 Things About Winter That Don't Completely Suck

If you spend some time with me and Brooke, one thing you'll notice is how much we hate winter.  

We love Colorado and its 300+ days of sunshine and we have incredible friends and family here and we can't imagine raising our kids anywhere else, but make no mistake, once they're all gone to college we are totally zillowing (is that a word?) for houses in Santa Barbara or Bali or Aruba. 

Shoveling a foot of snow?

Scraping ice off your windshield?

Bitter, gale force winds that knock over the basketball hoop in your driveway? 

Horrible head colds and the flu?

Waking up to BS like this?

Winter sucks everybody. 

I was having an especially sucky winter moment this week when I stopped myself and thought, "There's gotta be some good things about winter, right?" And I mean beyond the obvious of Christmas and skiing. 

So I sat down for a few minutes and had to think really hard and I wrote a few of them down. Here they are for your amusement/judgment. 

1. You can drink earlier in the day!

While you never want to get in the habit of "day drinking", when the sun is down by 5pm and it's pitch dark, you feel less guilty about cracking open a beer. And it can be a nice heavy dark beer!

In the summer? You're looking at light beers at best while grilling hamburgers in the heat at 6 or 7pm when the days are longer and you have to stay productive. 

Which leads me to my next point...

2. You can fool your kids into going to bed earlier. 

Every now and then, our kids are a total mess at the end of the day. And some nights about halfway through dinner Brooke and/or I will announce "Early bedtime tonite!" 

And we mean earrrrrrrrly. 

Again, in the winter when it's pitch dark and freezing cold, you can get away with putting your kids to bed at 7 (or earlier for the little ones). In the summer, when the sun is still blazing through their windows and all the neighborhood kids are outside playing? They ain't having none of that. 

3. You can lose some weight from a vicious stomach bug. 

This one happened to me over the holidays when I got a 48 hour bug that made me hit the toilet approximately 48 times all while consuming next to zero calories. The result? I dropped from 186 to 179 lbs in 3 days. Not too shabby! Maybe I should revise my easiest way to lose weight blog :)

4. When you're sick, you can also lay in bed all day watching dumb TV shows and your wife cannot complain about it. 

This one is pretty self explanatory. 

5. College basketball takes center stage in winter. 

From January through the end of March, there's a terrific college basketball game on just about every night. The student sections are going nuts, the games are unpredictable and then you have announcers like Bill Raftery, Jay Bilas, Dickie V and of course Gus Johnson, who's a national treasure. (CBS! Please rehire Gus Johnson!!)

And did I mention that Baylor's the number 1 team in America this week? :)

6. You can listen to some really sad albums. 

Certain music just sounds better in cold weather and here are 5 great albums for when it's freezing out. 

Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
Ryan Adams - Love is Hell
Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans
Kanye West- 808s & Heartbreak
Beck - Morning Phase

7. Your wife is more willing to snuggle with you. 

Some guys are all like "There's not one thing I would change about my wife, she's perfect for me the way she is, yada yada yada..."

I am not one of those guys. For instance, I love to snuggle at night before falling asleep and my wife HATES it more anything else on planet earth, including puppy cancer and the KKK. I desperately wish I could change this about her, but alas...

In the winter she is "slightly" more welcoming of my snuggle advances. Especially on those freeeeezing nights. So winter has that going for it. Which is nice. 

8. You don't have to take off your shirt in public like you do in summer. 

Last weekend at dinner in Los Angeles, I ate a one pound cheeseburger (!), loaded tater tots and sriracha chicken wings. It was glorious. But not sure that's happening if it's summer and I know I'm hitting the neighborhood pool in a few days. 

9. Sunny days after snowy days in Colorado are maybe the most gorgeous thing on earth. 

This happens a lot in Colorado and it's one of the few redeeming things about winter here. A horrible winter storm will roll through, dump snow everywhere and then the next day there's hardly a cloud in the sky. When this happens, everything is so beautiful it feels like you are living in a postcard. It's actually pretty damn cool. 

10. The look on your kids' faces when it's a snow day. 

When you're an adult, snow days are generally an inconvenience. You can't get much work done from home. It's hard to get out and run errands. So you're kinda just stuck. 

From the kid's point of view? It's the best day ever. And I have to pause and sometimes remind myself how joyful a snow day can be. We had one just last week. 

And there you have it. 10 things that don't completely suck about winter. Looking back at these, maybe winter isn't the worst after all :)

Now what would you add to the list??

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