Hello FlapJacked

About four years ago my brother Dave and his wife Jenn started a protein pancakes business that would eventually become known as FlapJacked. Brooke and I helped them out a little bit in their early days, mostly donating our kids as “taste testers”.

Little do they know that there's 16g of protein in these pancakes :)

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Maybe you’ve seen me post about them on Facebook or I’ve mentioned them during one of our conversations or even given you some samples.

The pancakes? They’re amazing. Award-winning! And even better, they’re actually good for you and your kids 😃

Saturday morning pancakes aren't just meals...they're memories #flapjacked #proteinpancakes

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Since then, they’ve grown from just pancakes into baking mixes for protein-packed waffles and about a year ago, they launched a revolutionary (yes, revolutionary!) microwavable protein-packed muffin that’s GMO free, gluten free, has probiotics and 20 grams of protein AND takes about 35 seconds to make. I’ve eaten roughly 8,000 of these muffins in the past year. 

It’s been really fun watching them launch a wildly successful food business that started with them hand assembling the recipes and bags in their kitchen to now being on the shelves of over 10,000 stores across the globe.

And it’s about to get more fun, because starting this week I’m gonna join them. 😃

That’s right, in the words of LeBron James, “I’ve decided to take my talents…to FlapJacked"

Last week, I said goodbye to my coworkers and my team at P2 Energy Solutions (who I love dearly) and starting tomorrow will be working full-time with my brother Dave and sister-in-law Jenn (who I also love dearly) as we strive for world domination in the “morning protein” food category...because after all, our last names are all Bacon!

So, what exactly will I be doing?

In a word, marketing. But marketing’s a broad term (which, by the way, is anything that gets new customers and keeps your existing customers). So I imagine it will be a lot of everything, which is awesome. It will be answering questions like:

- How do we get more people to hear about and buy FlapJacked products?
- How do we prioritize, measure and improve what we spend our marketing dollars on?
- What are some more amazing new products we can develop and launch?
- How can me and Dave get an HGTV show like those Property Brothers guys? (Pancake Brothers would be wayyyyy cooler)

How you can help: 

1. Like us on Facebook and Instagram, the two channels where we’re most active in social
2. Look for us in your local retail stores or buy some online
3. Tell your friends and family about FlapJacked (which is probably the most effective way to help us)

If you’re a loyal blog reader and keeping count, in the past 30 days I’ve had a kid, turned 40 and started a new career.

So I guess they’re right, good things really do come in threes. Hope everyone's enjoying the final weeks of summer! Until next time...

What I'm listening to:

Ole by John Newman. Great jam to add to your summer playlists.