Holiday Gift Ideas for Ladies

Hope everyone's still enjoying their long Thanksgiving weekend! If you missed my last post on gift idea for guys, you can read it here. We're back today with some holiday gift ideas for women. Starting with my number one, "can't miss" pick...

K-DEER Leggings ($75 on sale)

K-DEER makes some super rad activewear for ladies and I got to know Kristine Deer and her team pretty well through a recent collaboration our companies did together. What I like about their story is that they make yoga pants for all ages, all sizes with lots of bold colors and stripes. A portion of their profits go towards local charities (you can read which ones on the different product pages). Plus they're a New Jersey company and they use American made fabric and manufacture right here in the U.S.. Boom.

Pro-tip for guys who want to get this for their wives. Just grab a pair of leggings from your wife's closet to check her size before ordering. And see if she prefers the kind of leggings that are "sneaker length" or go down past the heel. K-DEER offers both.

Love With Food Snack Box Subscription ($16.50/month)

This is another company that I've partnered with lately at FlapJacked, and again they've also got a great story. Each month, they'll mail you a box filled with around 20 hand-picked snacks from awesome organic, all-natural or gluten-free food companies. In addition, for each box that gets shipped, they'll donate 2 meals to hungry children through organizations like Feeding America and The Global Food Banking Network. So far, they've donated over 1 million meals. 

100 Days of Real Food: Fast & Fabulous by Lisa Leake ($18)

Speaking of food, cookbooks are always a great Christmas gift for husbands to give their wives, because let's be honest, we ultimately benefit from it.

Here's a cookbook on fast and easy healthy meals from Lisa Leake who runs the killer blog 100 Days of Real Food. She's got a fascinating story herself and I love how well she articulates the importance of eliminating as much processed food as possible. 

A 3 or 5-Class Pack to Pure Barre ($50-$100)

So, yesterday I shared a little bit about what a positive impact CrossFit has had on me. Pure Barre, in much the same way, has had a similar impact on my wife Brooke. I think she's gone somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 classes over the past few years and has gotten stronger, fitter and more bad ass at the age of 38 (post 4 babies) than she ever was at the age of 28 or even 18. 

If your wife, sister, mom or daughter is looking to change things up with their fitness routine, definitely check out giving them a Pure Barre pack of fitness classes. The classes are a series of small, isometric movements that burn your thighs, arms, abs and glutes into very good shape in very fast time. I've even gotten dragged to a few and I can attest that they work (and hurt).

You can check out all their locations and starter pack deals in the link up above. 

She beats me every time.

She beats me every time.

Kendra Scott Jewelry ($50-$100)

Speaking of Brooke, I called her in to help me make the final recommendation for girl gifts this holiday season. Since I am currently batting 0 for 84 in picking out jewelry for my wife over our 15 year marriage, I thought I could use some help here :)

Her slam dunk choice for jewelry? Kendra Scott. 

I can't really tell you what to get here, but check out the site and see if there's something that looks like your wife's style. I also like that Kendra Scott donates a portion of their profits to charity and have donated over $1 million dollars and 50,000 pieces of jewelry this year to cancer organizations, down syndrome and more. 

Okay, that's all for today! Back in a day or two with some gift ideas for kids. Until next time...

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